The Crystal Chalice


Thank you to all those who have been kind enough to allow us to post your comments. Blessings to you all.

(name withheld for privacy – Nevada, USA) ‘Wow, thank you so much, Nicola. I still cannot believe that a painting can hold so much energy. The reading made so much sense and helped me release feelings I didn’t even know where still locked away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

MW Cambs, UK ‘It worked! OMG how can that happen.‘ (Light Channel healing image)

R & A (Canada) ‘Thank you and many blessings. The devine message that accompanied our painting was beautiful and poignant. You are always in our prayers’

P.MJ – Scotland ‘Just had to say a big thank you, don’t completely understand how it works but has moved the Spiritual blocks I have been battling for years… Thanks and will be ordering one of your energy guide images soon. Much Love’

J.N. Cambs. ‘For anyone wishing to engage Nicola’s services and skills, I can recommend her wholeheartedly without reservation. She has that pure spiritual connection as well as direction and ability to help, guide and reassure. He guidance and advise for me was like a weight being lifted but validation aswell. You will come away from a reading or whatever you seek, lifted aloft in the fact that everything and everyone has a purpose but occasionally needs guidance and comfort.’

Mrs F. Norfolk. ‘I met Nicola at one of the Fayres and in all honesty, it was my Dad, who had passed over, who introduced us, as he kept taping on Nicola’s shoulder and asking her to speak to me. Everything Nicola has said to me about my Dad and other family members is all true and she has been amazing help to me. Given me strength to keep going with all the things I believe in. Nicola is a very wonderful, kind and very helpful lady. I can highly recommend Nicola, if you need help with any situation, amazing. Thank you so so much Nicola’

BC Cambs. ‘Omg Nic, thank you so so much for this(private info)…..this means a lot tome.’

Mrs D. New Zealand. (email reading) ‘Thankyou so much for taking time to respond, I really appreciate it. Your caring words and guidance have helped tremendously…’

D.B Norfolk. ‘Wow, I was sceptical at first but the Astral Healing was amazing. I’ve had reiki before but nothing like this. The images that I saw during my session where unbelievable. I will be booking another online session soon, can’t recommend this enough. Thank you x’

K.T Colorado USA. (Remote Astral Healing). ‘I don’t know how it worksbut it does, I haven’tslept so well for months and my anxiety seems to be so much better.Thank you.’

J.K Edinburgh. ‘Wow..!!! What a reading thank you so so much ...!!!’ A.W Cambs (email) ‘Thankyou so much for the reading. It all made perfect sense and was pretty uncanny.’

K.C. Cambs (Email) ‘And a very big ‘thank you.’. (reading).…All in all, fantastic Thank you again.’

L.D. Beds (121 pre covid + email). ‘Many thanks Nicola, you are amazingly brilliant. I still can’t help thinking it must be a bit of a burden though.’

Email – name withheld for privacy. UK. ‘Thank you for my reading yesterday it settled my internal conflicts. Sorry I didn't give my real name on the email but I am also known as XXX and as you discovered yesterday my upbringing has contributed to privacy and scepticism! Although the scepticism has now allayed. I just wanted to thank you again, and I will be in touch for further readings and possibly regression, if I'm brave enough! Lol’

K.E Yorskhire. ‘Hello again and thank you so much for another brilliant and meaningful reading. You just capture everything that is happening around me and XX and you have a wonderful way of putting this forward….Thank you so much Nicola for your help and for definitely not judging me….so thank you so very very much’

E.M. (Cambs). ‘Nicola, words fail to express how comforting your reading was. I feel tons better knowing positive things are on their way and that I am not alone, as I had thought. I feel lighter for having had this reading. Nicola P. Thank you for getting Reading through to me (email) so quickly, it feels strange that someone I don’t know can tell me about my life with such insight.’

F.B. South Island, N.Z. ‘Just a quick thank you. I don’t know how you do it, but your email reading has bought me a lot of comfort through a very difficult time. It’s nice to know that xxxx is watching over us and that xxxx is with him. I will be in contact later in the year. Thank you from us all.’

R.W. Cambs. ‘It was such a lovely, lovely reading.’

R.S. ‘Loved my cushions. Such good quality and so unusual. Feel like a goddess in my house now. Thank you.’

D.D. (Secret Spell Witch) ‘She’s amazing!!! She’s even got pants on. She’s sooooo beautiful……I love her so very much…thank you ‘

A.E.L ‘Loved the herb bowl…will be tracking you down to buy more.’

V.C. (Secret Spell Witch) ‘Just had to pm and tell you how much I love my Witch. Didn’t realise til got home about the secret pocket. The detail is amazin . Thank you’

Zippy ‘My missus loved the vortex canvass you painted. cat sits and stares at it for hours. Getting more when next in uk ‘

'These beautiful dolls are handcrafted and each one of a kind. I absolutely adore my first one (I called her Lilith) so when I saw them again in Emneth, I had to get Lilith a friend (I called her Freya). You can see the outstanding craftsmanship and feel that they are made with love and good intentions xxx' D.Dawn

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