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Readings & Therapies with Nicola P.

Nicola P. is an experienced International Clairvoyant Medium, Qualified Multi-disciplined spiritual healer who now uses her many decades of experience as teacher and mentor to those developing or exploring their Spiritual path, running fully accredited, insurable and certificated courses and workshops including 121 Mentoring, as well as offering ‘Soul Affinity Healing Therapy – The Art of Energy Blending’© a unique a bespoke approach to intuitive energy healing and conducting the occasional Reading and Energy clearance.

‘Souls Affinity Healing Therapy – The Art of Energy Blending ©

This unique bespoke healing therapy combines a multidisciplined approach to energy healing utilising connections to the Spirit World, and your loved ones, and various personalised healing methods, which may include elements of Reiki, A.T. crystal Healing, Past Life therapy and healing, auric repairs etc. This therapy does include elements of Mediumship and the associated connections as an integral part of the process. – Please be assured of my decades of experience in this field.

Soul Affinity Healing Therapy© has been designed to help redress energy flow, clear blocks, reunite, and help trigger an improved sense of well being and forward movement in a positive manner. Its encompassing approach is also designed to help with stress, senses of loss, psychic or spiritual imbalances, as well as a complimentary spiritual support to encourage a positive approach to well being and recovery in a hectic world.

A Soul Affinity Healing Therapy© appointments last approx. 45 mins and is conduct with the client laying down or sitting in chair, fully clothed. This can be conducted as a hands-off healing.

£60 per session

If you would like further details or to book a healing,please just email me or contact me @nicolathecrystalchalice



A variety of accredited, insurable and certificated course are available, all with personal mentoring and follow up options, please feel free to drop me a line for more details;

Angel Therapy – Practitioner Level

Intuitive Healing Level 1

Intuitive Healing Level 2 Practitioner’s Diploma

Intuitive Tarot and/Oracle Reading general & Professional Readers Cert.

Mediumship/Psychic Development beginners to advanced, (Inc.’. Channelling)

Introduction to Parapsychology

Various Workshops – please email or see Facebook for updates.


These 121 approaches to personalised Spiritual development and empowerment offers a bespoke service for those who wish to investigate or further their personal intuitive, psychic and Spiritualdevelopment, whether at the beginning of their journey or with am aim to share their gifts with others at a professional level.

I was born with my gifts and the path has not always been easy and I understand that being able to share events and experiences and gain insight to their meaning is an important part of Spiritual growth; mentoring allows you to walk forward knowing that someone is always by your side to whom you can ask the questions you may otherwise not ask, whether it be personal empowerment, Mediumship, intuitive healing or channelling, this mentoring service allows you to work and progress with someone with decades of experience across many spiritual fields.

Please do not be afraid to contact me for more information; mentoring starts from as little as £30 per hour – with monthly packages available.

Nicola P

Please feel free to contact me without obligation

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch with me.


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