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Hand crafted Pagan Staffs

Pagan Staffs

These pieces are created using natures own beauty and are often sourced after storms from fallen trees or wind damage debris.Any antler used is only ever taken from ground fell from the previous season.

Staff are often embellished with symbols of protection and/or love.

The Blackthorn staff featured, is 144 cm long and was bound with green, yellow & blue ribbon to symbolisesfertility, luck, fidelity, wisdom & unity, and was designed as a wedding gift from a bride to her groom. The Blood stone heart bringing protection from the loss of Chi or Life energy and great power bringing strength and longevity to their lives together, when bound with the gentleness of the Deer antlers it brings balance of power to provide good judgment in all things.

Blackthorn & Antler
Blackthorn & Antler (approx.) 144cm high £99

This Distorted Willow Staff stands approx. 112cm high. £85 The Willow tree is said to be the tree of Hera & Persephone, and is strongly associated with the Moon and powerful feminine magic. It is in its most basic form thatit is at its most beautiful.

Distorted Willow Staff

Hand Turned Wooden Pendulums, bowls & artistic gifts from £10. Please check out facebook for details off new pieces.


Exclusive Pagan & Spiritual Cushionsfor that something special in your home. Handcrafted and designed using high quality materials and an attention to detail. Approx. 42cm x 42cm prices from £25. Please visit Facebook & Live events for more designs.

Pagan & Spiritual Cushions

Crystal Chalice Collectable © Secret Spell Witches are unique handcrafted and exclusive to us here. All have their own personality and come with a secret spell pocket for spell work. Each stands approx. 44cm High prices from £30.

Secret Spell WitchesSecret Spell WitchesSecret Spell Witches

Secret Spell Witches


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