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The Crystal Chalice

Hello and welcome to The Crystal Chalice: I’m Nicola P. Experienced International Medium, qualified multidisciplined spiritual practitioner, Light channel & multimedia artist.

Nicola P

All original Crystal Chalice pieces are created here in the UK in our little studio on the Norfolk/Cambs border, where the sunsets are magnificent & the night sky even more so.

This is the birthplace of the, character filled, unique hand-crafted Crystal Chalice Collectable© Witch range; no two the same, each with their own character, each in search of a home.

All original mixed media & channelled artwork is exclusive to us; inspired by the impossible worlds that many of us know are truly possible.

Please check out our, regularly update, gallery where you will be able to view and purchase some of these truly unique pieces.

Each item from Nicola P The Crystal Chalice is truly a handmade original. We endeavour to use only ethically sourced materialswherever possible and try to work with Mother Nature not against her.

And please keep an eye on our Facebook page for our Live Events, new editions, occasional free Tarot reading, general chit chat and all the latest news from Nicola P. The Crystal Chalice.

If you would like more information or to discuss a commissioned piece feel free to contact me.

I believe that everyone possesses a unique gift and, in that gift, resides your power.

For whatever reason you have visited this page, I thank you and wish you blessings on your forward journey.


Please feel free to contact me without obligation

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch with me.